KLMU and Cosmopoint Sabah

Cosmopoint and KLMU Sabah – School Activities

Cosmopoint and KLMU Kota Kinabalu will be organizing Motivation Talks and Computer Maintenance through out the country focusing in Sabah. The School Talks and Computer workshop will be started from August till October 2010. Our Speaker is Mr Patrik Sadom which got a Master from USA and his assistant Mr Harry George. Our aim is not to promote Cosmopoint and KLMU Kota Kinabalu but to help the SPM student to be more Motivated and wisely know how to answer correctly in their SPM Examination. The Computer workshop objective is to give the student a clear picture about global changes through the Internet and so forth. We would like to wish thanks to Jabatan Pendidikan Sabah and Kementerian Sumber Manusia, because giving us a lot of support to make this thing done smoothly. As a result student around Sabah can achieve more idea and knowledge through this activity. More information about this acclivity please refer to our correspondet at Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu. Thanks.

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