Application Procedure For New KLMU Sabah Student

General Entry Requirements
For Diploma level: High School, SPM, O-levels, UEC or equivalent. For Degree level: High School, STPM, A-levels or equivalent. Students with O-levels, UEC or SPM must complete the Foundation Programme.
Complete the application form and attach the following documents:
• A certified true copy of High School Certificate/Diploma
• A certified true copy of your academic transcripts
• A photocopy of your Identification Card
• 3 copies of passport-sized photographs
• Other supporting documents
Apply through KLMUC’s Registrar or its Admission Office
Wait for the results of the application
Complete the application form and attach the following documents:• A certified true copy of certificate/Diploma
A certified true copy of your academic transcripts
• 2 sets of your photocopied passport (all pages)
• 6 copies of coloured passport-sized photographs
• Release letter from your previous university/college 

(For applicants who are currently studying at a different university/college in Malaysia)

• Visa processing fee of RM1150 in the form of a bank draft made payable to Cosmopoint Sdn Bhd
• Applicants above 25 years of age must submit a letter or bank statement from your sponsor or your own bank statement if you are self-sponsored.
Submit the application form and documents to the Registrar (International Students)
Selection will be done by the Admission Process Committee. Successful candidates will receive an offer letter/package from the University College.

Students may enrol through the following process:- 
1. Speak to our Academic Sales staff and counsellors.
Walk in to our campus office with your certificates and transcripts. We will provide you with a campus tour while furnishing you with the necessary details for enrolment and admission.  
2. You may click on the online enquiry form and submit the details to us or you may submit a completed online application form and wait for our reply. We will answer you within 48 hours.  
3. Attend our road shows and meet us at the exhibition booths in your town or city. We will provide you with all the necessary information for enrolment and admission.  
General Entry Requirements
a. Students who opt for a diploma programme should have a minimum of 3 credits in any subject in SPM
b. Students who have less than 3 credits in SPM will be admitted to an Associate Diploma or any certificate programmes before progressing to the Diploma level.  
Please take a look at the chart below for registration requirements for Malaysian students and International students.

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