KLMU and Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu

Diploma In Hotel Management( KLMU and Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu )

Diploma in Hotel Management

Programme Description

This diploma provides training and skills development for people in supervisory positions in the hospitality industry. Graduates are prepared for employment in the industry through ‘Real World Practice’ skills being embedded throughout the course and gain invaluable experience from new state-of-the-art facilities like Front Office Operations Lab, Accommodation Learning Suite, Hospitality Practice Lab and Multi-Resource Computer Labs.

Programme Aims

To equip students with the fundamentals of hotel management as well as specialized knowledge in the area of hotel business

To provide quality graduates to fill various managerial positions in the tourism industry

To provide relevant, effective training for middle management in all areas of the industry

To conduct research and development that will benefit students and their future employers

To develop transferable skills for entry level positions and career advancement

To apply and review industry management principles and technical skills

Career Prospects

Graduates can begin as executives and work their way up to become managers or directors in various areas such as: public relations, marketing & sales, restaurants, guest relations, corporate events, MICE, front offices, business development, and more.

DURATION: 8 semesters

Subjects Offered

Introduction to Hospitality &
Principles of Marketing
Hotel Maintenance
Tourism Industry
Information Technology Management
Foreign Language
English Communication
Menu Development and Analysis
Principles of Economy
Food Safety & Sanitation
Academic Reading & Writing
Introduction to Hospitality
Theory of Food
Basic Pastry & Bakery
Front Office Operations
Principles of Marketing
Event Management
Food & Beverage Services
Islamic/Moral Studies
Professional Development
Principles of Management
Food & Beverage Management
Human Resource Management
Hotel & Commercial Service Production
Malaysian Studies
Legal Aspects in Hospitality
Housekeeping Operations
Food & Beverage Cost Control
Introduction to Culinary Skills
Hospitality Accounting
Industrial Training


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