Faculty of Built Environment

Diploma in Architecture

Programme Description

The program provides a strong foundation in architecture and equips students with the requisite skills and insight for comprehensive analysis, design and implementation. Besides learning about construction materials and technology, the program also offers practical advice in expressing and communicating design ideas. Graduates will understand design methodology, the history and theory of architecture, sustainability and the statutory requirements that must be applied and integrated into a project.

During the design process, critical thinking and decision-making are specifically developed to grow creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Through this practice and uniquely tailored training, students also learn to be independent workers and/or effective team players depending on the needs of each individual project.

Programme Aim

To have a deep and responsible understanding of architecture from design, environmental, social and physical contexts

To initiate, sustain and support new developments and encourage innovative thinking in a wide range of professional disciplines

Career Prospects

Graduates are able to find work as CAD operators, site inspectors, quantity surveyors and graphic designers.

Diploma in Interior Design

Programme Description

Students will be trained to identify, research and creatively solve problems relating to the function and aesthetic quality of interior space to improve quality of life, increase productivity, create ambience and protect health, safety and welfare.

Building systems and structures, students will explore topics and concepts such as space, texture, furnishings, colour, materials and all aspects of environmental design such as lighting, acoustics and human factors. Among the skills imparted are the understanding and application of design fundamentals, planning two-dimensional space, developing three-dimensional designs, producing technical drawings (by hand and on AutoCAD), selecting and applying color, light, materials, and electrical and mechanical elements, applying relevant laws, codes, standards and regulations.

Programme Aim

To provide an opportunity for students to study a wide range of design processes and develop technical skills and problem-solving sensibilities to appropriately carry out interior design projects

To cater to students of all abilities. At the beginning, students are trained to hone drawing skills, creative abilities and general design knowledge. As the semesters proceed, students are challenged to undertake larger and more challenging design tasks

To enhance students’ chances of rewarding and challenging employment and making a valuable contribution to society

Career Prospects

Graduates will be qualified to work in interior design offices, architectural firms, contract sales or as a freelance/self-employed interior designer.


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