TV3 at KLMU/Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu

TV3 at Cosmopoint and KLMU

TV3 pay a visit to Cosmopoint and KLMU Sabah for a promotion at our college. They are recording 15 scene for Cosmopoint and KLMU College to promote our Diploma and other facility at our college. Our Facility and other related things will be discuss at this interview. Our Principal, Mdm Grace, Marketing Manager Mr Harry George are being interview by TV3 Correspondent to discuss about what is happening at the College. Our Lecturer are being interview also to discuss what type of subject to be teach to the student. This interview main objective is to let the public to know more about Cosmopoint and KLMU. Cosmopoint and KLMU sabah is aiming to get 100 graduate at every district in Sabah to get more graduate to have knowledge that is suitable for the demand of Industrial need. Student can gain and enhance more valuable knowledge when studying at Cosmopoint and KLMU Sabah. We are very please for TV3 to help us to promote our College to the public. Thanks. 17 till 18 June 2010.


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